Don’t be Lazy with Software Update, You Need to Know Its Usefulness

For some people, getting notifications on cell phones and computers that remind you of Software updates is indeed annoying. Therefore, it is very easy to press the ‘Remind Me Later’ button or just leave it alone. Be careful, lazy software updates can be bad for your device. Why? Because this habit can make your smartphone […]

Difficult for Children to Get Rid of Gadgets? Here are the tips

On weekends, the kids are getting worse, playing gadgets, so they don’t remember the time. Maybe that’s the mind of many parents. Yet according to research published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, children who spend three more hours a day or other electronic devices are 34% more vulnerable to mental health problems. Well, we […]

Tricks to Make Speeding Game Performance on Android Phones

Play the game on a slow cellphone? Surely it will reduce excitement and preoccupation. You might even be emotional because the phone is often lagging. Indeed, as the number of downloaded applications, photos, videos, and other content increases, your Android phone can slow down. For everyday use, maybe this problem is not enough to bother. […]

Three Ways to Optimize Your Smartphone During the Holidays

Holidays have arrived! In addition to preparing all the requirements before the holidays, from travel tickets to accommodation, one thing that is not less important is the smartphone. As we know, besides its main function as a communication tool, a smartphone is also useful for taking photos, videos and sharing them on social media. Now, […]

Tips for Making a Stronger Password

Not surprisingly, many passwords are very common and easy to guess. Just call the password ‘123456’ and ‘password’ which have always occupied this list for the past five years. Of course, this is something that is alarming, given the number of cases of mass hacking that often occur in recent years. But of course, there […]

8 Tips to Exist on Instagram Live

Unlike live broadcasts on Facebook Live or Periscope that can be watched again, Instagram Live can only be watched by our followers right away. Well, considering that on Instagram Live we really share more in real-time, the following tips might help you to exist even more. 1. Hide live videos from unwanted people. Showing off […]

Paludarium: Tank, Plants and Building Suggestions

A paludarium is a aquarium that has terrestrial plants in addition to aquatic plants and aquatic life. They are easier to keep compared to completely aquascaped aquariums, since they look after themselves should you opt for the best plants and animal species. Within this guide we are going to have a peek at what just […]

Harlequin Rasbora: Habitat, Feed, and Breeding Guide

Shoaling fish abreere extremely popular for home aquariums due to their fun collection behaviors and striking colours. Harlequin Rasboras are a wonderful example of an simple shoaling fish to improve your tank. They’re a striking fish that, when inserted as a member of a set, will include a vibrant splash of colour to a tank. […]

Cherry Shrimp: Habitat, Care, Feeding, and Breeding Guide

The Cherry Shrimp is among the most common invertebrate around. Native to Taiwan that they are available in a variety of shades of crimson and are in reality graded (more about this later). Its vibrant colour, and simplicity to maintain, makes it quite common specifically for novice aquarists. Overview It goes back to the Atyidae […]

Java Fern Care, Planting, and Propagation

This delicate looking fern provides a gorgeous look to aquariums. It is widely used because of the slow growth, exceptional form and ease of reproduction and care. It may be maintained with a vast assortment of fish and does not need rigorous water parameters, which explains the reason why it’s so attractive to so a […]