Unlike live broadcasts on Facebook Live or Periscope that can be watched again, Instagram Live can only be watched by our followers right away.

Well, considering that on Instagram Live we really share more in real-time, the following tips might help you to exist even more.

1. Hide live videos from unwanted people.

Showing off people on social media, there are still some unwanted friends to see our updates. Relax, Instagram provides options to hide Instagram Stories and Instagram Live content in just a few steps.

Look at Profile> Story Settings> Hide Story From> then choose the person you want to go to so that you don’t see our updates.

2. Filter the comments that will be displayed.

The name is a live broadcast, comments that are excessive and even inappropriate can just stop by. Fortunately, we can control which comments can be displayed.

The trick, visit Profile> Comments then choose between the two options. The first is hiding comments containing words or phrases that are often reported as offensive comments.

Secondly, we can add our own keywords which will then automatically mark and hide unwanted comments.

3. No need to rush when appearing.

Before life, Instagram will check the connection and count down in three seconds before we start. So we still have a few seconds to get ready.

4. Pin comments that you like.

From a number of comments, of course, there will be those that you like. Either because the comments are funny, interesting or inspiring. We can appreciate the commentator by pinning the comment.

When the comment appears, tap then select ‘Pin Comment’. We can unpin it at any time by tapping on the comment and turning it off.

5. Turn off comments

For certain content, maybe you want the live video not to be disturbed by comments at all. For that, we can turn off comments so that the live broadcast is completely clear of comments.

Tap three dots in the lower right corner labeled ‘Comment’ and an option will appear to turn it off.

6. Turn off other people’s Instagram Live notifications

If you don’t want to be disturbed by notifications of a number of people who are Live, just mute. To do this, long-press the profile picture of the intended person who appears at the top of our feed.

A pop-up window will appear showing the options for muting. This function makes us no longer see Instagram Stories and their Live videos.

7. Broadcast is complete

Whatever you record for Instagram Live, people can only see it on live broadcasts.

8. Save video

Some users will feel sorry if the moment of live broadcast just disappears. Therefore, Instagram also released the ability to save it.

It’s easy when the broadcast ends, we will find the ‘Save’ button in the upper right corner. Just tap the button, and the video will automatically be downloaded and stored on the cellphone.


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