The Cherry Shrimp is among the most common invertebrate around.

Native to Taiwan that they are available in a variety of shades of crimson and are in reality graded (more about this later).

Its vibrant colour, and simplicity to maintain, makes it quite common specifically for novice aquarists.


It goes back to the Atyidae household of invertebrates, where there are over 20 other types of Shrimp.

It’s a freshwater Shrimp which is remarkably calm and famous for its algae eating abilities.

Suitable for both novices and professional aquarists, it’s among the hardiest and simple to maintain Shrimp accessible.

They’ll add colour into any tank that they’re put in and are extremely undemanding requiring very little maintenance.

In the wild they are in many different colours, however from the aquarium market you may normally only see them in crimson. Their deep crimson is because of years of selective strain; actually they’re presently rated based on the colour and thickness of reddish (more about this later).

It will flourish in heavily implanted setups with a great deal of shield and hiding spots.

You must expect your Cherry Shrimp to reside between one or two decades.


They’re famous for their calm and non-aggressive behavior.

If you see them you will observe that they invest large periods of the day grazing on what’s on your aquarium; crops, moss, substrate etc..

They’re extremely busy and will be active throughout the night and day.


Females will typically develop up to 1.5 inches , with the men being slightly shorter.

Certainly the most significant part their appearance is that their colour; actually Cherry Shrimp are now rated. The grading can vary from the deepest crimson through to paler colours with reddish spots.

Cherry Shrimp:All these are called ordinary cherry shrimp and would be the cheapest tier of Neocaridina heteropoda They are usually mostly clear in colour with reddish patches.

Sakura Cherry Shrimp:All these are little more reddish in colour but nevertheless have clear patches in their entire body.

Fire Red Shrimp:In this level the shrimp is totally red.

They’re strong deep red in colour without a transparent areas. You’ll also find they generally have reddish legs.

Irrespective of their grading, females will probably always be colorful and larger. As youthful Shrimp it is not possible to discern the difference between the males and females nevertheless as females older they will create a saddle in their tummy; this is orange in colour and can be used to maintain her eggs until they are fertilized.

Habitat and Tank Conditions

Cherry Shrimp Habitat and Tank Conditions

From the uncontrolled Neocaridina heteropoda, arise from Taiwan. They live in ponds and streams surrounded by thickly packed plants along with also a rocky substrate.

So to your aquarium you need to attempt and emulate their natural requirements from the wild as tightly as you can.

They flourish in thickly planted aquariums which have tons of concealing crevices and moss; it is also possible to incorporate a few driftwood in the tank since they will nibble the algae out of it. They’ll also eat the plant thing debris that may compose a sensible portion of the diet.

Moss is required from the aquarium since they can groom themselves and conceal within inside; you can use java moss. Remember if your shrimp seems safest they’ll present themselves with all the brightest coloration.

Concerning substrate you’ll be able to use tiny fins to replicate the rugged substrate that they’re utilized to.

For gear, normally a heater is not required. If you would like to maintain the water temperature really stable then you could always put in a heater, however supplied the space you maintain the aquarium in is heated it normally is not needed.

Now onto possibly the most contentious item of gear when keeping Shrimp; filters!

A frequent problem with filters is they are exceedingly potent and your Shrimp may be squeezed to them. You may avoid it with a sponge filter. Or if you are using a powerful filter, like a canister, then you may use the inlets with foam to decrease the flow.

Just ensure your filters are not sucking on your Shrimps up!

Tank Conditions

Now onto perfect water requirements for your inverts.

Generally the lower tier shrimps can withstand poorer water requirements. However the higher tier shrimps want better water requirements.

As a reminder, however, you shouldn’t put them within an un-cycled tank as they’re quite sensitive to nitrites.

What Size Aquarium Do They Want?

Cherry Shrimps may be kept in aquariums as little as 5 gallons. However the size you may need is dependent upon the amount you wish to keep.

As a fantastic rule of thumb you may include 2-5 Shrimp per gallon. Keep in mind though that they’ll breed fast so be certain that you acquire an aquarium that’s slightly too large rather than too little.

If you are planning to have a colony, then be sure to have at least a 20 gallon tank.

Tank Mates

Cherry Shrimp Tank Mates

It is safe to say they won’t ever hurt other fish since they don’t possess any real means to shield themselves.

That is the reason it’s extremely important to pick their tank mates carefully.

As a fantastic guideline, higher tier shrimp ought to be set in one species aquarium (more about this later). Whereas lower tier shrimp, may be put together with other tank mates.

Generally they’ll breed quickly enough to cancel against the occasional casualties.

Ideal condition include:

  • Little Plecos
  • Dwarf Gouramis
  • Little Tetras

Remember even with all the fish mentioned previously, sometimes your Cherry Shrimps may be confused as food. To provide more safety to your Shrimps you ought to ensure that your aquarium has plenty of crops and hiding areas.

In Terms of fish you need to avoid;

  • Oscars
  • Arowanas
  • Cichlids
  • Discus

To get a guideline, do not put any predatory fish or massive species in precisely the exact same tank.

Maintaining Cherry Shrimp Collectively

It’s not advise that you maintain a cherry shrimp by themselves, the very popular approach to maintain Cherry Shrimp is at a species just aquarium.

When maintaining them together it’s strongly suggested that you maintain at least 10; this can help restrict dominant behavior. Also the bigger the team the more confidence they’ll have and you will be able to see their natural behavior.

You can not actually overstock together because their bio-load is all but non-existent. Concerning male to female ratio, they’re fantastic to strain so that you do not need to be concerned about this too much: simply make sure more females than males.

If you would like to bring some variety to a tank it is also possible to add other shrimp and snails.

Cherry Shrimp Diet and Feeding

On account of their scavenger character it means feeding them is rather straight forward as they are not fussy.

As always we urge a high quality pellet constitutes the heart of the diet. You’ll come across several brands which make feed particularly for Shrimps and Invertebrates.

Along with this you’ll be able to supplement their diet with frozen vegetables and foods.

If you’re considering feeding them veggies, then be certain they’re pumped and boiled first. Remember they’re tiny and do not need a lot of food; it is very easy to feed them and pollute your tank.

Actually we discussed them at our 13 Must Possess Algae Eaters.

They’ll eat most kinds of algae within an aquarium, also make an superb cleanup crew. Whilst they do not customer as much algae as big fishthey will play a role in maintaining your aquarium glass tidy.

Ultimately, as a reminder, even when feeding them be sure to eliminate any surplus feed in the tank to keep your water chemistry. You should get rid of the feed in 2 hours after ingestion.

Cherry Shrimp Special Care Advice

As mentioned before, on the whole this invertebrate is extremely undemanding concerning its care needs.

However 1 thing you ought to be conscious of is that they are amazingly sensitive to aluminum. Copper is seen in a lot of fish and medication feed so check the tag.

Also occasionally, as they develop, they’ll lose their exoskeleton. It is important that you leave this exoskeleton within the tank since they will have this to restock on minerals that are essential.

Ultimately the last thing that you want to learn about caring for them is they are also quite sensitive to ammonia spikes. That means you need to be sure that the water parameters remain stable constantly. The bigger your aquarium the simpler it will be for one to keep this.

Cherry Shrimp Breeding

Cherry Shrimp Breeding

If you would like to breed Cherry Shrimp you are in luck. They’re among the simplest shrimp species to breed.

Providing they’re well cared, they will strain. You can split the breeding procedure down to three easy steps:

  • Pre-Breeding
  • Breeding
  • Hatching

Let us look at each person in turn.

The very first step is preparing the aquarium to get them so that they can breed. You can achieve that by ensuring the aquarium is planted; this will offer comfort and security to the Shrimp. Next you have to be certain they’re frequently feed with higher protein foods. Last, you ought to increase the water temperature around 82°F (this can replicate the beginning of summertime; their breeding period ).

You ought to expect sexually improved Shrimps (4-6 months old) to begin breeding after they’ve settled in an aquarium; this generally takes 3-5 weeks.

When they’ve mated it’ll be evident, because when you examine the female you may notice a lot of eggs beneath her tail. When she’s carrying the eggs it’s known as”berried”. You may see her tail in this time to ensure that the eggs get oxygen.

You will observe that the baby shrimps look close identical to their parents but considerably smaller!

They ought to be held at a matured aquarium because a recently cycled aquarium won’t include the minute organisms the infant shrimps rely on to consume. If you are concerned they do not have enough to eat it is possible to plant anything with leaves that they could eat; Anacharis really are a fantastic example.

You’ll also notice in this phase the adults do not make great parents.

Cherry Shrimp for your Aquarium (Overview )

We hope you have found this ultimate guide to this Cherry Shrimp helpful.

They’re a fantastic Shrimp which will add colour and interest to any freshwater aquarium.

Their hardy temperament makes them perfect for beginners that are wanting to branch out from simply keeping bass.

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