Holidays have arrived! In addition to preparing all the requirements before the holidays, from travel tickets to accommodation, one thing that is not less important is the smartphone.

As we know, besides its main function as a communication tool, a smartphone is also useful for taking photos, videos and sharing them on social media.

Now, to make your vacation more enjoyable and safe, here are some tips for making your smartphone the right friend during your trip.

Adapted from, this is Three Ways to Optimize Your Smartphone During the Holidays :

1. Optimize the Battery

If the battery runs out, then all travel plans can be dispersed. You can’t browse exciting places and take Instagrammable photos during the holidays.

To anticipate this, here are a few tricks to make the smartphone battery last longer. How:

  • Reduce the brightness level and use the power-saving mode.
  • Avoid using applications that can consume battery power quickly.
  • Be sure to use an original data cable and charger.
  • Make sure you recharge the battery in places with stable electricity. Electrical instability can affect battery performance and shorten battery life.
  • Use the Device Maintenance feature on your Samsung smartphone to optimize battery performance and also smartphone performance. You can access this feature in the Settings section.
  • Make sure the fast charging device is brought while on vacation.

2. Maintain Memory Capacity

Recording a moment is one of the main activities in a vacation to be shared directly with family and friends. Therefore, it is also important to manage the memory capacity. Here’s how:

  • Manually adjusting the pixel quality of the photo to be lower so that more storage capacity is left.
  • Make sure all photos and videos are stored on the memory card.
  • Enable cloud storage features, for example, Samsung Cloud.

3. Protect Personal Data

Imagine how frustrating it would be to lose a smartphone while on vacation. In addition to disrupted activities, all data ranging from telephone numbers, e-mails, photos to other important data are prone to be misused by other parties.

You can minimize this risk. How:

  • Give passwords on applications and important data
  • Activate features on Samsung smartphones: Find My Mobile to detect and protect your smartphone from data theft. With the Find My Mobile function, you can minimize the possibility of personal information being leaked by using the ‘Lock My Device’ and ‘Empty My Device’ functions if your smartphone is lost. Additionally, you can find lost devices using the ‘Find My Device’ function.


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