Not surprisingly, many passwords are very common and easy to guess.

Just call the password ‘123456’ and ‘password’ which have always occupied this list for the past five years. Of course, this is something that is alarming, given the number of cases of mass hacking that often occur in recent years.

But of course, there are ways that you can use to make passwords that are stronger and not easy to guess.

1. Create a long password

A long password consisting of several rich ones is one that can be used. To be more secure, don’t forget to use capital letters, characters or numbers too.

2. Don’t use common words or sentences

Because of its general nature, this word or sentence can be used as a password by many people. For examples like a quote from a movie or book.

Do not also use passwords that have personal ties, such as birthdays of children or spouses.

3. Test your password

If you use a password manager, the tool can directly test your password. In addition, there are several sites such as How Strong is Your Password that can test how secure your passwords are.

Sites like this are safe and are made by trusted developers. But to be more secure, use this site to test your ‘trial and error’ password before creating your real password.

4. Don’t use one password repeatedly

If one of your accounts is hacked, it would be dangerous if you use the same password for the other three accounts.

5. Use a password manager

A password manager is certainly one of the easiest solutions to take care of passwords. This service not only stores passwords so you don’t bother memorizing all of them but can also create random passwords for you to use.

Lots of cloud-based password manager services, such as 1Password and LastPass. But, in the latest version of Google Chrome, this password manager feature is available for those of you who don’t want to be bothered.

6. Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an additional layer of security for your account. You can use a special application for 2FA or just use the code sent via SMS.

7. Don’t use security questions

Every time we create a new account, we are always given the option to use a security question. By answering questions like what is your mother’s name or pet’s name, you can access a locked account because you forgot your password.

But, when all this information is now easily found only through Google, you have to be more careful. Treat this security question the same as you want to create a password.

For example, you want to use your mother’s name for a security question, don’t use her real name. Make a name essay as an answer that you can then save in the password manager.


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